Cabin Info

Our family has been on Bardon (also called Whitefish) lake since 1962. When my Mom decided to sell our original cabin, I purchased some land adjacent three lots north, and have been building every summer since. Someday it it will be done…. LOL. These days, in retirement, I am pretty much living there, except during the coldest winter months, when visiting friends and family, or doing consulting work.

Location & Maps

Jacobson Cabin
14912S Whitefish Lk Rd
Gordon, WI 54838
Cell: 218 269 1198

Bardon Lake, sometimes called Whitefish Lake, is about two and one half miles long, and up to one mile wide in places. It is sandy and clear, with 832 acres of water, and up to102 feet deep. The water is so pure you could drink it if you wanted.


A Few Pictures


Cable Railings Project

I got a full sized jacuzzi on CL for almost nothing that someone had let freeze, easy to fix, has a special hydrotherapy station with big jets for old guy.