MB Mod Var

MB 122533 Production Variant Detail DOD 2-24-42       By Thomas C. Jacobson
USA Reg. No. 2049630 (actual) Body: 25774       thomas@tcjnet.com
(not including certain internal engineering changes in seals, studs, etc.)        
Characteristic (MB122533 should have….) First Last X Source(s) / Reference(s)
Body and attachments        
3 bolt spare tire carrier     X Found on vehicle
5/16 fine thread top bow pivots   125809 X 5/16 NF up to 125809, 3/8 NF up to mid 44?
A-5231 50 Amp ammeter 108452   X Nabholtz
A-1268 Fuel marked fuel gauge 108452   X Nabholtz W-1 contract changes
A-2517 H700 Keyed ignition switch   202023 X Nabholtz
A-2858 “Slat-grill” guard w/WILLYS embossed rear panel   125809 X Found on vehicle, TM-10-1186
A-6171 starter switch   217543 X Nabholtz
ACM “Type I” body, s/n 25774 sequence computes to be around 3-3-42   Dec 43 X Found on vehicle
Black two layer cardboard dash pad     X Found on vehicle
Blue Drab USA registration 2049630, no W or S   Jan 45 X Found on vehicle
A-5037 bond gen to starter, no bond A-7826 to engine support   late 43 X  
Blackend brass buckles on straps?       Says Nabholtz
Brass data plates, 65Mph     X Found on vehicle
A-2227 cast bronze windshield clamps   13XXXX X Kilborne, Nabholtz
Cast safety strap hooks, w/leather loop     X Factory pictures in “The Mighty Jeep” by Willys
Cast square footman loops     X Found on vehicle
Cast, rounded clutch & break pedals 114550   X Found on vehicle, W-1 contract changes
Cup and rubber washer windshield adjusting arm clamping   Aug 42   Nabholtz
Dated L-O-F windshield glass logo in lower outboard corner       Nabholtz
A-1266 early speedometer, 5 mph marks   137760 X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz
Early fenders w/holes for air deflectors   125809 X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz
Early Willys style hat channels under floor   Dec 43 X Found on vehicle
Black primer on frame prior to red primer and OD     X G503.com board discussion & pictures
Zink phosphate red primer 111     X  
WWII OD 33070, darker shade paint     X Found on vehicle
Filter on voltage regulator   late 43 X G503board discussion of Type I suppression
Fire extinguisher on drivers side     X Found on vehicle, move due to glove box add
Ground cable bolted to front of battery support 120700   X Nabholtz
Individual hand wipers A-2586   mid 44 X Nabholtz
Later style one long hinge on tool box lids 118600   X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz, W-1 contract changes
Locking glove box with spring 120698   X TM-10-1186 page 135, Nabholtz
Metal panel light and main light switch knobs     X  
No B.O.Driving light 163750   X Kilbourn et.al.
No first aid kit bracket 345204   X W-5 contract changes
No jerry can holder & reinforcement 165582   X W-3 contract changes
No radio terminal box 217543   X W-4 contract changes
No rifle brackets Sept 43   X W-4 contract changes
No seat cushion springs, just padding     X Nabholtz
No rear body gussets (next to tool boxes) 182xxx   X Some say 204XXX
No trailer socket 158372   X W-3 contract changes
One clamp fire ext bracket     X Nabholtz
PAL locknut on fuel tank straps 104443   X Nabholtz
Push button A-2924 top fasteners   164554 X Nabholtz, W-2 contract changes
Radio Filter box  A-1517 under dash     X Found on vehicle
Reflectors in early lower position   158372 X Photos
Rounded fuel tank sump 118600   X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz
A-2922 rubber hood bumpers   mid 42 X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz
A-627 rubber tail light grommet not painted     X Nabholtz
Rubber body insulators   Nov 42 X Contract W-3 changes
Rubber clutch and break pedal seals   170307   W-3 contract changes
Rubber glove box seal cemented on body   156083 X Nabholtz
Rubber tool box seal        
Rubber shift boots (and other floor seals)   125809 X Nabholtz, W-1 contract changes
Rubber bushing on steering col tube at dash     X  
Rubberized “Everseal” windshield glass to inner frame seal       Joel G. on G503
A-1655 Shielded woven metal front headlight harness?   238835 X Type I suppression, Bass, Nabholtz says late 43
Small mouth A-1221 fuel tank   Sep 42 X Nabholtz, TM-10-1186
Split front seat frame tubing (joint at top back)     X  
Stamped metal raised letter throttle & choke knobs   mid 42 X Nabholtz
Std. height windshield 103546   X W-1 contract change, Kilbourn et.al.
Std. Hood, w/air deflector & sealing strip 103545   X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz
Tiger eye reflectors     X Found on vehicle
Two screw ax clamp     X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz
Under dash radio filter box, hinged Tobe-Deutschmann     X Found on vehicle
Vertical tail light bracket attached to tool box floor     X Found on vehicle
Wiring clips flat strip bent, not die formed 120700   X Found on vehicle, Nabholtz, W-1 contract changes
WO 638979 dimmer switch w/plug in terminals   early X  
Zippers in front and rear seat bottoms   251XXX X  
Spartan brand horn     X An orig. found on MB 123366, so good guess
8 leaf front & 9 leaf rear springs   late 44 X Nabholtz
A-5467 divided rim “Combat” wheels 120700   X TM-10-1186 page 117
Exhaust pipe guard (two piece skid plate) 120700   X TM-10-1186 page 127
No A-6066  torque reaction spring 146774   X Nabholtz
No rebuildable shock absorbers   197066 X W-3 contract changes
Pressed in grease zerk in shackle bushings, recessed end   Apr 43 X Nabholtz
Rear break tube terminates center of cross member, no 638809 bracket 106763   X Found on vehicle, TM-10-1186 page 117
A-5227 break line tee, A-1515 line clamp on rear axle 106763   X  
A-843 rubber tie rod end seals   164554 X Nabholtz,
Solid black Sheller steering wheel   170307 X Black up to 170307, OD up to 202023, from W-3 & 4 contract changes, Kilbourn says black up to 130XXX, Farley says Black to Green was March 42
Standard late style battery tray 120700   X Found on vehicle, TM-10-1186
WO 635883 short flat battery ground cable 120700     Nabholtz, W-2 contract changes
Willard  116Amp Hr.  battery L 10″ x W 7″ x H 8 5/16″       TM-10-1513
T60A pintel hook     X Found on vehicle
No eye bolts on pintle hook 158372   X Contract W-3 changes
No rear cross member frame gussets   351XXX X  
Short frame reinforcement straps     X As found on chassis with MB122533 s/n plate on
Engine and drive train        
630526 Clamp exhaust pipe flange at manifold   Sept 43 X Contract W-4 changes
9 Cylinder head cap screws   288835 X Contract W-4 changes
A-1281 AC pancake air filter   124309 X Found on vehicle, TM-10-1186, Nabholtz
A-1285 inline suppressor for coil wire   mid 42 X Nabholtz
A-1424 bottom grounded coil   44 X Nabholtz
A-1451 air horn to tube bushing (rad hose) & clamp A-1515   44 X Nabholtz
A-1515 air horn to air cleaner clamp (also used on brake tubes) 103409   X Nabholtz
Air cross over tube, no PCV, painted factory black     X factory pictures
Coil painted factory black     X factory pictures
A-5337 capacitor on generator armature terminal 113045   X Nabholtz W-1 contract changes
Cast 636299 water pump pulley     X  
Cast A-1639 generator pulley     X  
Early 639660C head, no “Willys” or “Jeep” on casting     X  
Early Distributor, Autolite IGC4705, not dustproof   380269 X TM 10-1186 page 71
Early oil pan with thin skid plate and riveted drain plug boss   297089   Nabholtz, SNL G503 Jan 44
Early scalloped axel flanges Front ?        
Early scalloped axel flanges Rear?        
Early steering gear cover w/ribs?        
Early W1 engine  block casting        
GEG5001 generator ball bearings and w/oil cups each end   158007   (engine s/n) Nabholtz, W-2 contract changes
Standard size A-1505/A-1506 transfer shift levers 108452   X Nabholtz, TM-10-1206, contract W-1 changes
No diffuser in carb gasket   170307 X Contract W-3 changes
No reinforcement on engine front plate 204XXX     Kilburn et.al.
No PCV or vacuum ports on Intake manifold, rounded corners   208437 X (engine s/n) W-4 contract changes
Slatgrill radiator, 3 ribs front incl. one front of cap, 2 top, no side baffles     X Factory assembly pictures, found on vehicle
No shield on gen to volt regulator harness   late 43 X  
One piece radiator hoses (no metal inserts)   17030& X Nabholtz
Push on/off style oil filler w/funnel, no PCV 114550 208437 X (engine s/n) TM 10-1186 page 35, W-1 contract changes, Kilbourne, some say twist type?
Road draft crankcase vent   204040 X TM 10-1186 page 34
Round muffler   143507   TM 10-1186 page 58, Nabholtz, W-2 contract changes
Rubber voltage regulator seal?        
T84 filler on passenger side   174XXX X  
PAL nut on engine stay cable 120700   X Nabholtz W-2 contract changes
VRY-4203A voltage regulator   44 X Nabholtz
Standard bell housing w/parking brake cable boss 118430   X Nabholtz, W-2 contract changes
AL parking break handle w/depression, early style cable     X Factory assembly pictures, found on vehicle
Tools and accessories        
A-1240 jack, not A-653 early barrel type or A-12268 late stamped 41 44 X Nabholtz, G503 discussion,
A-375 screwdriver, only marked with mfg,(Irwin) not FS number start 1950   Willys blueprint rev. info
Crescent Wrench 41-W-486  (Diamond Tool, my home town)   41? X Nabholtz
No A-6151 grease gun adapter in tool kit 164554   X W-3 contract changes, G503board, Nabholtz
No A-6855 tire pressure gauge mid42   X Nabholtz
No spare parts kit (no bulbs, no belts, etc.) 218345   X W-4 contract changes
No tire pump 164554   X W-3 contract changes
Other Stuff…        
Goodyear 6.00 X 16 NDT 6ply tires        
Seelite headlights        
AN-7 spark plugs        
Unknown Stuff… further research needed        
No Wider transmission tunnel on body 120700   X  
No three piece rear seat bottom stop   Dec 41 X G503.com discussion pictures of body
Long mirror arm?       Time to look at pictures?
Short hood grounding straps?     X Perhaps, I thought this was an MB-GPW issue
Early flatbar shock towers?       Rear shock supports on frame?
Front axle mfg date       To be found on diff stretcher boss
Rear axle mfg date       To be found on diff stretcher boss