This xfercase has been parted out and is no longer available.



Here is a quick page describing the extra MB/GPW Transfer-case I have to sell….

It came from a late 1945 Willys MB, and has the late style expanding brake. I was saving it for “times of great national emergency” ;-), but, its time to pare down…

I am selling this case complete, as described here, for $325 ** price lowered to $200, or with engine, $450 **, which I think is a fair price, especially seeing as I took the time to tear it down and clean it up, so you know what you are getting. CONUS shipping at cost, will probably cost you some $50-$75… I will be glad ship it in three separate boxes, (case, brake, and gears) to keep weight under limits and shipping cost down. I am also offering the special A-8858 skid plate used for the expanding brake, for an additional $65.

I don’t like to buy or sell a “pig in a poke” as they say. So, I took two afternoons and tore it down, cleaned it up, took pictures, and then put it back together…. way more work than it was worth, but what else to do with it… At first glance, the gears looked pretty good…. But after washing and inspection, I believe the only gear that might be reused is the output slider A-988. All the others s/b replaced, including the getting rare and expensive A-999. Thats not to say the gears can’t be used as-is, but I would not do it myself. I have seen the A-999 from $160 to $375… if you look you can still find them NOS for a reasonable price… I am not sure what to think about Mullins A999 $225 kit with the special cage bearings, might be good. My guess is that most used transfer cases need new gears… either due to moisture or stress on the hardened gear faces…. not to mention the known weakness of the 3/4″ intermediate gear shaft & cage bearings.

Besides gear face and bearing decay, the only anomalies of note are that the A998 intermediate shaft was a bit tight and needed to be tapped into position, one of the brake shoes was worn on one end, and a few of the wired bolts have been replaced with regular ones. The A8858 skid plate is a bit rusty on the bottom side, needs a blast and some finishing, and MIG welding/grinding of a small patch.

Here is a gallery of pictures. For the gears, I tried to show the worst tooth decay on each gear, not the best.

I believe the following things will be needed to bring this case up to snuff, they are NOT included in this sale. You may want to spend a little extra to replace the output slider as well… I have included the A1510 T-84 main shaft output gear in the list, which I suspect is not included in a typical rebuild…

So, if you pay me $325 for this core, spend something like $450 for the parts listed below, and a little assembly work on your bench, you will end up with an excellent MB/GPW transfer case for about $775. (Transfer case rebuilds are easy, not like a T84 where it takes great care and some experience to measure, select and fit). BTW, when comparing to rebuilds from the usual suspects, remember they require a usable core, and often use aftermarket parts…. to quote one “Ultimately your cores condition will determine the final price of the rebuild. Most units we see today are running in the 1400.00 to 1500.00 range.” yeow!

Quan Item eBay NOS (Spicer/Tim/MRC) Price ea. w/shipping Vendor Price ea. Typ aftermarket Omax/Crown Subtotal
1 Transfer case gasket kit w/seals -A1543   20 20
2 Output shaft cone TIMKEN-14131 -51575 21.68   43.36
2 Output shaft cup TIMKEN-14276 -52883 9.5   19
1 Front axle disconnect bearing MRC-206 -A1007 24   24
2 Intermediate shaft cage bearings 3/4″ HY94322 -A924   5 10
1 Intermediate shaft 3/4″ -A998   20 20
2 Intermediate shaft thrust washer -A1000   5 10
9 Copper washer front or rear cap -A1135   0.5 4.5
2 Lever spring -A970   2.5 5
1 Shift levers pin -A972   4 4
1 Output shaft gear snap ring -A991   3 3
1 Gear output shaft transfer -A989 50   50
1 Intermediate gear -A999 185   185
1 Speedometer drive gear -A1511 11.1   11.1
0 Gear sliding transfer -A988 65   0
1 Main shaft gear -A1510 37.5   37.5
      Total 446.46